I read an article recently. About a couple with children. Both with jobs with specific demands. It came to a day when the couple both had urgent tasks to accomplish at work. At different workplaces. This would mean having no one to look after the kids.

The ultimatum was – the husband left for his work. Saying that his work matters more as he earns more. the wife was to stay at home. Regardless, the consequences.

A few hours after he returned from work, the kids were in the living room eating cereal and the wife locked herself in the bedroom. A lot of the comments were saying that the child was childish. Some were saying she is stressed with her job and needs therapy.

My verdict: there is probably more to the story. she hates her husband. very much . most likely forever. and it will be a start to her having her own world in her own brain. Soon enough, she will be unable to tell what is real and what is fantasy. They can still co-exist and co-parent but much of her soul is just not with the family anymore. It’s just being present. Being responsible for the role she chose to play some time ago. . That’s all.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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