On my vanity part 2

As you can see, there are a few Mary Kay products. That’s because my sister is an agent for the brand. some of my favourites from MK are the Skinvigorate Sonic facial cleanser, their mascara, the matte lipstick in Rich Truffle, the Satin citrus hand cream and that Berry & Vanilla body lotion.

I am also a fan of Goodal toner, especially that yellow one. That is my second tub. I need to replenish my collection of face mask sheets too from my favourite Shopee store, beautybabes.

Recently, I have started using this hair cream from a brand called Aussie. It is a leave-in cream that is supposed to make my hair less frizzy. Somehow, I prefer this brand over a Korean brand, Jul7me because this one smells really nice and ‘natural’. Maybe, it’s the coconut and jojoba scent that lured me to keep using it. As opposed to the freesia scent.

These are a few of my makeup products. I keep my eyes and lip stuff elsewhere. Most of the time, I use a Natural shade or a No.23 kind of shade. Missha will always be my favourite although lately, I have been very intrigued with Wardah products too. I love my Elianto concealer a lot and I have been using my BT21 (Shooky) blusher sparingly because I don’t want it to finish. I am not really an eye shadow person but since it was a gift from my husband, I will use it from time to time.

I apply nail varnish on days I am on my menses. They are water-based and easy to peel off.

I have also been really consistent with the application of the Laneige Lip Mask at night. It’s very moisturising and it smells really really nice. It leaves a sort of reddish hue the next morning too – looks cute and fresh. or maybe it’s my lip pigment colour. Ha ha. I am itching to get the BTS lip mask in bora but on second thought, let’s just finish the current pot first.

See you in part 3

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