Youngest brother is engaged

Last month my brother got engaged to the woman of her dreams.

I am just relieved that the lady is not mengada and gives us a headache. She seems to come from a humble family. In short, we adore her. The engagement ceremony was held at the lady’s residence in Ayer Hitam. Since Mother has passed away, I am kind of the next in line to place the ring on the lady’s finger. Our relatives are all in Kuching. Dad had to get his friends to come with him as part of the entourage.

The ceremony was quick and simple.

By simple, there is no extravagant backdrop or anything. It was something that we, the sisters went through as well. A short and sweet occasion. Followed by eating. Our side gifted the lady with a set of AlQuran and prayer garments, a rolled cake, a fruit basket and a ring. We look forward to the akad nikah ceremony in June.


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