How I made my week interesting

There is no day in which you learn something is a complete loss.

I slept with a baby.

Its been a while since I last subjected myself to have interrupted sleep every 2 – 3 hours to feed a baby. My nephew was cheeky though. He would go ‘goo goo.. gaa.. gaaa’ at 2AM in the morning. I was desperate for sleep as I was still working the next day. Yet how could you not tak layan that adorable face.

I celebrated birthday and special days

There were Nurses day and of course Mr Husbands birthday.

It seemed that he wanted to wiggle his way out from a grand meal but I forced him to sit through our ‘romantic dinner’ of 3 at a hipster restaurant near Ayer Keroh. The place was called Big Mug Big Plate.

The meal portion was huge – I regretted having lunch earlier that day. I had the Lamb Shank.

I reminisced on specific and wonderful memories

I was initially looking for my mini book of quotes when I stumbled upon my ‘box of memories’.

Reading back the cards and letters people wrote to me back then reminded  of the sort of person they perceived me as, during the time. I was happy, innocent and apparently full of life. I thought the cards I got for my birthdays were cute and creative.

I practiced public speaking. Not that I love it loads..

My sisters friend needed a favor as a female doctor to talk about period, growing up, protecting one self from incest or pedophiles and such. It was a broad topic and the age range was huge. It would be best to not group kids and teens together for the issues that come with it are different.  So I had to make do.

With the organizing committee

Naturally, the younger kids at the ‘camp’ were distracted with the goodie bag I brought with me and literally paid no intention to the topics which concerns the older girls. Haha. it was mayhem. It was a learning curve.

So that was me trying to add flavour to my life. I hope yours was just as colourful as mine last week.