Happy birthday to me

Not many people know my birthday. Not many people remember my birthday. Apart from my family members and a handful of friends.

A few years ago I made a decision to delete my birthday information on Facebook. I know I have a lot of friends who love me for who I am but I was keen to know, who, among this near 500 friends I have on FB have me in my thoughts. Perhaps for something memorable that we have done together. No offence for those who don’t remember my birthday. I probably don’t remember your birthday’s either. It’s like .. I remember Suga’s BTS birth date but not Jung Kook sebab I minat dia lebih. but do I hate jung Kook? Tak.. suka je. Cuma Suga tu kita minat lebih sikit. Faham tak ni.. ha ha ha. Plus, it is exhausting having to say ‘tq’ to everyone wishing you happy bday just because you are part of the watsapp group.

I was also curious to see if I would ever get to meet and create new circle of friends. I personally think it is a challenge to carik kawan baru in your 30s cause most of us would already be stuck in the family social circle or the buddy circle that you’ve been with since high school or uni.

As expected, the birthday wishes started making their way through watsapp from my family and close friends. My family sent me a cake, flowers and a balloon. Then there were few wishes from colleagues who I was quite close with in my previous workplace. And their wives. LOL. The birthday wishes did not end there.

A new friend?

It seems that I have a new friend this year. This friend does not have social media. But this friend is somehow aware of my birth date and remembers it. This new friend sent me coffee, a slice of cake and a birthday note at my doorstep. Sometimes it makes me wonder, what did I do to deserve this kind gesture.


How I made my week interesting

There is no day in which you learn something is a complete loss.

I slept with a baby.

Its been a while since I last subjected myself to have interrupted sleep every 2 – 3 hours to feed a baby. My nephew was cheeky though. He would go ‘goo goo.. gaa.. gaaa’ at 2AM in the morning. I was desperate for sleep as I was still working the next day. Yet how could you not tak layan that adorable face.

I celebrated birthday and special days

There were Nurses day and of course Mr Husbands birthday.

It seemed that he wanted to wiggle his way out from a grand meal but I forced him to sit through our ‘romantic dinner’ of 3 at a hipster restaurant near Ayer Keroh. The place was called Big Mug Big Plate.

The meal portion was huge – I regretted having lunch earlier that day. I had the Lamb Shank.

I reminisced on specific and wonderful memories

I was initially looking for my mini book of quotes when I stumbled upon my ‘box of memories’.

Reading back the cards and letters people wrote to me back then reminded  of the sort of person they perceived me as, during the time. I was happy, innocent and apparently full of life. I thought the cards I got for my birthdays were cute and creative.

I practiced public speaking. Not that I love it loads..

My sisters friend needed a favor as a female doctor to talk about period, growing up, protecting one self from incest or pedophiles and such. It was a broad topic and the age range was huge. It would be best to not group kids and teens together for the issues that come with it are different.  So I had to make do.

With the organizing committee

Naturally, the younger kids at the ‘camp’ were distracted with the goodie bag I brought with me and literally paid no intention to the topics which concerns the older girls. Haha. it was mayhem. It was a learning curve.

So that was me trying to add flavour to my life. I hope yours was just as colourful as mine last week.


Its my Birthday

Even Google managed to make me feel special for the day.

Fullscreen capture 582014 81333 PM

Mr Husband had to be on duty on the day itself, so we celebrated early. Hazeeq as always thinks that the world evolves around him, hence sang his own birthday song and cut the cake. I got a ‘sophisticated’  handbag to be used in place of my red rucksack.

Recently Updated10

I even had a birthday surprise at work.

Another cake and candles to remind me I’m 31. 



It is often said that women in their 30s tend to be the happiest because they are at the peak of everything. Their relationship, career , family and such. The expectations are thus high and I hope to be less miserable, more importantly less angry. *Cooling the temper*

Krabi : Ananta Burin Resort

We took up an offer from AirAsia.Go and grabbed the best offer we managed to scour within the many days we stalked the site.

Flight ticket + accommodation for 2 adults and 1 toddler
3 nights, 2 day

MYR 838.00

I decided to pay an extra 1140BHT to throw Mr Husband a surprise birthday treat. Ananta Burin offered 3 different packages and I chose Package 2. To my dismay however, one of the staff had a slip of the tongue and had Mr Husband (the birthday man!) pay for the package instead of approaching me for the payment. I supposed the lady had a mixed up on whose birthday it was. All in all, he was still suprised and we celebrated his birthday a day earlier. The birthday room deco and the chocolate cake was delish.


I loved the room. I loved that they had both shower and bath tub. I loved that they had a washing line to hang all those wet clothes from that swim in the sea.

We did not suffer from any subsequent miscommunications although Mr Husband had an awful internet withdrawal during those first few hours upon landing in Krabi. The hotel had a policy that all ‘surfing’ should be done in the lobby. I was honestly happy to be ‘offline’ for a couple of days there.

Things were off to a good start. Let the adventure begin!

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