Did I knew I was carrying a baby girl?

Prior to being pregnant, I did pray very hard for a daughter. I had an inkling that once I was pregnant – that it might be a girl but I have nothing solid to put my hat on.

Of course there were loads of old wives tales (tips) circulating around the WWW but I never did get a proper ultrasound session of which my sonographer/friend/medical officer was damn sure I’m going to have a girl. The Chinese birth chart predicted I was going to have a boy. So i can never be certain.

Retrospectively however – there were some clues that perhaps pointed towards me carrying a Nini.

  1. Horrible morning sickness as compared to my previous pregnancy with Ee. It was glaringly significant up to the point I had ketones in my urine which indicated how dehydrated I was
  2. I had a ‘natural glow’ which warranted no makeup whatsoever throughout my gestation. this however is in contrast to the belief that if you were to have a girl you would be grooming yourself really nice with makeup and what not. Also you’d be having zits all over the face – but I didn’t have any.
  3. I had less body hair. Somehow. It took longer than usual for me to have another shave of the legs and ‘friends’. It’s like the bulu bulu just don’t want to grow
  4. Sleeping on right lateral was more comfortable for me and that was something people tend to associate with having a girl.
  5. Simple instinct but just wouldn’t say it out loud

Hence you could imagine how excited I was when Nini came out. We have a girl!! LOL. GIRLS ARE JUST MAGICAL. Even if the baby came out as a Hakeem, I’d probably do a similar blogpost that highlights signs which points him out as a boy during my pregnancy. Ha ha ha. This is a merely for fun after all.



Confinement Room

“You can make the TV room as your confinement area. Can play your Korean movie or watch Youtube there” – MR HUSBAND

It’s a new space in our house. Dimly lit. Equipped with a few sets of sofa, bookshelves and an air conditioning unit. It does lend a bit of privacy when you don’t feel like sitting outside in the living room. I guess you could say it’s a family area where you can just watch TV, read a book or just lie down. Cuma.. dapur jauh skit nak menapak to grab some snacks. Ha ha.


Me watching one of RainbowHolics videos using the HObonichi

I usually use this room in the afternoon when Mom, my confinement lady wants to watch her Hindi Puteri Ular show on TV3. Although the family room TV is dominated by EE and his Hagemaru/Upin Ipin stuff – at least I can breastpump discretely whilst doing some journalling or blogging.


My postpartum journal and washi tapes

Perhaps later I’ll share the very very very traditional confinement rituals I have to put up with on top off the more ‘modern’ aspect of it (once my Mom goes back to her house to fulfill her other motherly duties. HA ha ha).

Till then – just trying not to stress myself out. Smell the baby. Kiss my kids and take it one day at a time. InsyaAllah everything will be fine.

Me Time Vs Children Time

“Time spent on oneself means NO time spent on their children”

At least Victoria Beckham was being honest to the public. That she, does not have an army of people helping her to take care of her 4 children, that she too stays up at night and looks like a twig because Baby Harper hasnt learnt how to sleep through the night yet and the fact that she regained her pre-pregnancy figure 6 months after giving birth, as opposed to only 2 weeks like some celebrities…. is assuring.She is normal, just like me. Id love to know Angelina Jolie’s secret in raising her brood.


I have to admit. I too have a screaming need to have a ME time. I used to be able to pay a visit to Tjantek Spa anytime I like. Or have a meal at Secret Recipes whenever I feel like it. Now with Baby Zeeq in the picture and Mr Husband on his quest to become ‘locum king’,(pffttt..Photobucket)  I have to work my way around these 2 babies.

Compromise. Yes, that should be the key. Or should I add on sacrifice. Like, an hour of your locum time Mr Husband?


I can do without the visits to the spa or salon. What I need is that peaceful time to have a meal, a shower and even to solat. Perhaps allowing sunat prayers on top of the wajib ones.

Yes. it was a discovery I recently made. That while we can make time for our husband and children, it is only fair that we should also be given time to worship Allah.After all, it is from HIm that we ask for good health and extra energy to care for our families.