Current picks on Netflix

It’s been a while since I enjoyed movies from India. Lately, Netflix has been airing really good movies and I am giving a thumbs up to these 2 movies.

1. Gangubai

This movie narrates the hardship of Gangubai as she paves her way from a low-tier prostitute to a prominent figure in the ‘industry’. Putting the moral issues aside, I understand her desire of wanting to legalize prostitution. Although legal means bounded by rules and regulations, legal also means access to the same resources that other mainstream industries can get. In the Gangubai context, it will mean equal access to healthcare, education, housing areas etc. This lady has a point.

Ajay Devgan made a cameo appearance in the movie.

2. RRR

This is a fictional story about the Indian revolution. It has Bahubali’s elements in it when it comes to fighting scenes and the athletic abilities of the actors. There were cringeworthy moments but it was a very cinematic, phenomenal piece. Guess what, Ajay Devgan was also in the movie.