please give this to Natasha..

I bought a new set of cleaning tools – a mop and a broom. I wanted to get The Magic Mop but it was not on discount. To pay MYR 100 was breaking the bank even though the saleslady bragged about it being imported from Korea. I was not ready to bestow upon Natasha such fancy gifts. Not yet.

I cleaned my old set of plastic dishes, plates, cups and utensils.Mr Husband collected our old rugs and dusted it evenly – he bought new bed sheets though. I think I almost had everything covered and finally said to Mr Husband, “please give all of these to Natasha”

It’s been just over 13 weeks now of me having to share Mr Husband with his new commitment. His 3rd serious commitment.The first being his mom, second being me and now… we have this Natasha in the picture. He has also been bringing our son to see Natasha and well.. kids always love new things, atmosphere, people – everything is great with Natasha.

Cantiklah.. bestlah.. 

OK son. I get it. Strange enough I am not jealous. At least I know that if Mr Husband is not with me .. he will be in the warm, cosy arms of Natasha. That he will be safe and happy.

“Would Natasha love this shower foam?” I asked Mr Husband. It was a cheap brand but smelled nice with a rosy scent. Mr Husband rolled his eyes and retorted in his sing-song squeaky tone, “No need, the rent for Natasha Homestay is only MYR150/night … guests can bring their own shower foam and towels” 


But Natasha is faring better as a rental house at the moment. A group of Ayurveda trainees are staying there for the next 3 months. Once the tenancy agreement ends, InsyaAllah Natasha will be home to a group of college students. If they still like Natasha – otherwise we’ll see how it goes.