please give this to Natasha..

I bought a new set of cleaning tools – a mop and a broom. I wanted to get The Magic Mop but it was not on discount. To pay MYR 100 was breaking the bank even though the saleslady bragged about it being imported from Korea. I was not ready to bestow upon Natasha such fancy gifts. Not yet.

I cleaned my old set of plastic dishes, plates, cups and utensils.Mr Husband collected our old rugs and dusted it evenly – he bought new bed sheets though. I think I almost had everything covered and finally said to Mr Husband, “please give all of these to Natasha”

It’s been just over 13 weeks now of me having to share Mr Husband with his new commitment. His 3rd serious commitment.The first being his mom, second being me and now… we have this Natasha in the picture. He has also been bringing our son to see Natasha and well.. kids always love new things, atmosphere, people – everything is great with Natasha.

Cantiklah.. bestlah.. 

OK son. I get it. Strange enough I am not jealous. At least I know that if Mr Husband is not with me .. he will be in the warm, cosy arms of Natasha. That he will be safe and happy.

“Would Natasha love this shower foam?” I asked Mr Husband. It was a cheap brand but smelled nice with a rosy scent. Mr Husband rolled his eyes and retorted in his sing-song squeaky tone, “No need, the rent for Natasha Homestay is only MYR150/night … guests can bring their own shower foam and towels” 


But Natasha is faring better as a rental house at the moment. A group of Ayurveda trainees are staying there for the next 3 months. Once the tenancy agreement ends, InsyaAllah Natasha will be home to a group of college students. If they still like Natasha – otherwise we’ll see how it goes.


Tudung Bawal at Bazaar Rakyat, Tesco

“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.”
–Charles Dickens

What is in this mysterious bag? The happy bag..



I just discovered tudung bawal heaven today. At Bazaar Rakyat , Tesco Melaka.
I know! lumpy kan.. baru skrang nak discover.

I went to the store yang ada tulis JOHOR. The tauke had an Indonesian accent to her speech. Non-Hijabi but very very kind in her discounts. I would love to patron her store again. She was so generous and offered the slashed prices without me even asking for it. In fact, I was prepared to pay the printed price but hey, rezeki jangan ditolak. After all, I am buying 9 pieces of tudung !

Here’s a breakdown of the bawals I bought:

The plain bowel
RP: MYR 10/piece. No discounts


The rainbow bawal
RP: MYR 18/piece
Discount : Buy 2 for MYR 20


The studded bawal
RP : MYR28/piece
Discount : Buy 2 for MYR 50




The kerawang bawal
RP : MYR39/piece
Discount : MYR30/piece


The special name bawal – i – forgot-name
RP: MYR49/piece
Discount: MYR45/piece



I spent a total MYR175 for the bawals. The best part is I get another MYR 5 discount!! So it was just MYR170. Alhamdulilah.. rezeki raya rah Kuching tahun tok. 


Have a bite. Eat at BurgerByte

“When in doubt, ingest carbs.” 
― Rachel Cohn,

What if I tell you that I was deeply disappointed with my virgin experience at Burgerbyte?

Sadly true.

BurgerByte had all the best mojo for success – a good recipe, a celebrity endorsement, franchises at dense, youthful areas (meaning at places where people eat burger), friendly owners, good chefs, wonderful restaurant ambiance and such. But somehow it failed for one major reason at the branch I went to. I’ll tell you why.


I went to BurgerBytes located at Bandar Saujana Putra. I was so excited to taste this famous eatery that I have repeatedly reminded my sister to go there early and book a table – to which she said, no need as there wouldn’t be as many patrons there as those in Damansara or Bangi.

We were a party of 8 (6 adults and 2 toddlers). This is minus Mom who had to attend her social engagements with her ‘women club’.

My younger sister took our orders and proceeded to place it at the counter. And this was when our unpleasant experience began. The young girl at the cashier was … to politely put it, slow and blur. She knows Coke and Ice lemon Tea.. but she somehow has never heard of the 100 plus drink. My sister, a teacher by the way, was at a boiling point mengadap her ‘innocence’ but managed to refrain herself from giving her one of her ‘teacher’s look’ or slamming her hand on the table muttering ‘astarghfirullah’.

The cashier managed to understood the order when my sister finally pointed out the picture to her. We would empathise if she was an OKU but she was not – she was a bimbo.

But the problem did not stop there.


When our orders came, instead of the famous NakËd Burger which we wanted in beef, it came as only a NakËd Beef Patty. The waiter apologized for what seems a wrong order but knowing it wasn’t the chef’s fault and we were terribly hungry, we gave in. We took the meal and tried to enjoy it. Obviously, we didn’t like it that much as we were expecting something else.

I wasn’t keen on taking pictures. I just couldn’t. My first time with BurgerByte was ruined. But hey, its like Auntie Anne pretzels. The ones at Sunway Pyramid tasted better than the ones at Aeon Jusco. I like to believe that the same thing applies to BurgerByte  although its quite sad to think ‘where is quality control in this?’

Hence, driven by that optimism we decided to give it a try at Burgerbytes Malacca, located at MITC.


It was not disappointing although my sister was frustrated that we did not try the ‘proper NakËd Burger’. We ordered other stuff on the menu including the JUMBO size carrot juice! Well well.. next time then – for NakËd Burger!

Exploring Malacca : Iqlil Salon – Small and Cosy

“Your hair is a statement of Style, an affirmation of Beauty, and an expression of Self Love”

Ademola Mandela


Its pretty simple. Im here in Malacca because Mr Husband hails from here and its only natural for me to follow on suit. This means I have left behind my usual life in Kuching and get to start brand new here. Thus, it feels great to explore new shopping outlets or salon centres for this matter as I try to call Malacca my new home.

Recently, I came across a small little salon. IQLIL SALON.Prior to this, Small means a basic salon, not fashionable, dingy to a certain extent and of course.. cheap. I decided to give it a try since it has one important selling point – caters for muslimah. Thus ensures that you’re not getting a hair cut in the midst of men at waiting areas staring at you. Leaving you with an uncomfortable feeling as you first have to take off your headscarf and then putting it on again as you leave hoping at the same time the hairdresser would not feel disappointed with you doing so after he/she finished blow drying your hair in the most awesome fashion ever.

At the same time, you also do not want the hairdresser to take you for granted – cuci rambut ala kadar, blow drying half-heartedly thinking that you prolly dont mind since you’re wearing a tudung anyway.

So, I stepped into Iqlil with a not-so high expectation.

2014 blog-001

I was immediately welcomed with a smile by one of the hairdressers. Pretty pretty lady. I had almost thought the place would be runned by makciks trying to pass their time. There were other customers so I was told to make myself comfortable at the waiting area which was spacious and cute. Having a TV there was enough to make me occupied as I scanned through the hair products they had on their shelves.

When it came to my turn to have my hair done, I was met by a petite young lady who ran her fingers through my hair gently and highlighted the main problems she saw with it. She recommended a hairstyle that would work for me after I have stated my preferences. I love people who can do magic with hair once you say ‘apa-apa je.. janji tak kacau length’. She mentioned services of Iqlil such as hair treatment and such but did not go on as to pressuring me to get one which was a bonus point. Pushing customers to get a particular service on and on is pretty annoying.

I have to mention that the head massage and shoulder she gave during the hair wash was spot on. I almost dozed off from the relaxing experience.

Price was reasonable. The 5% discount was generous.

I hope to visit it again next month after one of my oncalls. Perhaps for a hair treatment session. I had only wished that Iqlil would be more proactive in approaching its customers in becoming its members. I was kind of waiting for the cashier to mention or hand me a simple pamphlet regarding members benefits and such. Or display its members card on top of the cashier desk beside the macarons to reinforce the banners and boards on display. It didnt happen. ha ha. Next time, maybe?

When its not meant to be

We can’t plan life. All we can do is be available for it”
Lauryn Hill

I had a good call. Meaning I managed to get a few winks of sleep without any disturbance from either the medical wards or labour ward. So I was set to settle my Top 2 unsettled business.

  1. Pay off my parking ticket
  2. Hong Leong stuff

As a non resident in Malacca, I had to Google Image the route to my destinations;



And after a hefty breakfast at McDonalds, I went on my way. Not knowing what was ahead of me.

Hong Leong seems to be on a strike. A picket against me. The ATM machines doesnt work, the branches doesnt open! All because of this load/unloading cash thingy. Yikes. I was hoping that I’ll get better luck with the saman errand but the boots were closed. Like hellooo.. terit jak madah kaunter bukak kol 9 pagi. Haish.. frust eh. suma benda sikpat polah.