A simple Iftar


The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.

Words could not describe the joy seeing your son eat up the simple iftar menu with much gusto!

Mr Husband was being fussy on not wanting to have rice on the plate. So I had to think of  an alternative. Thus, in my magic pot, I brought some spaghetti to a boil. Blobbed Prego sauce on top with bits of meatball and sprinkles of cheese and black pepper seeds. The outcome : a simple dish for breaking fast.

And the meal was prepped in less than 15 mins! Nice.

Any links or ideas for easy, simple meals? This working mother definitely needs help. Cheerios!

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Is it spahgetti or spaghetti?

“The great networks are there to prove that ideas can be canned like spaghetti”


Nevertheless, my mother makes the best spaghetti ever. Even Garfield would ditch the lasagna for it. Moms spaghetti may lack the Italian spices to it but it still has its distinctive home-made taste. The secret is in its sauce. And almost like a rare treat, she only makes them on special occasions. Like when someone gets good grades in school. Or when her daughter comes for a visit. Teeheehee..