Baby Food – Carrot Mix

“Blood may be thicker than water, but it’s certainly not as thick as ketchup. Nor does it go as well with French fries.”

    Jarod Kintz


A handful of rice


Green leafy vegetables


Boiled together then blended. Serve with a sprinkle of anchovies. Yummm!!



Weaning Baby Zeeq

“I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food”

Robert Orben

Baby Zeeq is turning 6 months soon. While he is still unable to ‘turn’, alhamdulilah he is able to sit with support and pull himself up to stand. Mungkinkah nya blh terus berjalan? kakya berekot mcm anak kerak… huhuhu

He will be going for his 6 months jab this Thursday. I have already taken my leave for this monthly BIG occasion. I have also started introducing Baby Zeeq to semi-solid food – blended rice porridge with green leafy vegetables and carrots, the Rusk biscuit, soft fruits such as papaya.Now that he’s ‘slurping food’, he’s taking less milk at an adequate amount. He also seems to be more rested at night waking only twice for feeding. Which means more rest for me too.

But of course, eat = pooh. So diaper changing is slightly more frequent as to how it is before.

Im sure loving this dynamic positive change. Babies keep changing their habits and its so much fun exploring them. Trying to figure out what this little prince wants. I wonder how heavy he’ll be on his next weighing session.

Licking Sate