Malacca’s TESCO, my love at first sight


“If you want a woman to stay with you for the rest of your life, show her where she can shop”


And TESCO Malacca was my love at first sight. I would be perfectly happy and content to shop just in TESCO here. Apart from the house brand, there were lots of eateries like KFC, Secret Recipe, Kluang Station, Ayam Penyet etc..

Here I can get contact lenses for theres a few optical shops, get a new set of baju kurung or scarves from First Lady & such. Furthermore, to a bookworms delight.. there is also POPULAR and mynewstand. Not to mention, my favourite drugstore .. Guardian – for all the supplies I need like my facial wash, sanitary pads, Ayam Brand Chicken Essence!! There’s also that MYR5 store and a little stand selling lots and lots of big, big stuffed toys!!

[hyperventilating …]

And the best part is.. in TESCO itself there’s fresh milk and whip cream. Its like having Cold  Storage (Kuching) right at my doorstep!! They may be short of a hair salon

Loving bits of Malacca already. Looking forward to explore this city. Well, Insya-Allah I have my whole life to do that and Mr Husband might as well become my tour guide.


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