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“When Shaitaan can’t make you commit sins, he makes you waste your time”
AbdulBary Yahya


I’ve been trying to read my medical books for a while now since Im starting work next week. But its the same ol’ routine everytime I open the page.

Log into Facebook. Check updates, make comments, like baby pictures, upload one of Baby Zeeq for Grandma to see, listen to recommended music tracks, watch funny videos, reply comments and it goes on and on.

Then, probably check my email. Delete a few spams before they build up in the Inbox.

Read Utusan. Read BeautifulNara.

Bloghop for a while. Then, fingers started to have minds of their own and click links on those blogs to hop onto another blog.

Suddenly remembered need to look up on a particular recipe/book/airline ticket.

Probably by now got a little bit dizzy from all the ‘computer work’. would lie down shamefully beside laptop and before you know it, 


and another


and another 



until I get the next bout of headache.


Its a progress if I even manage to flick a page.





3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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