Living on a minimal


“The good news is that even minimal activity can significantly extend life”
Howard Coble




It seems that I can live on a minimal mode. In other words, living out of a suitcase. A few long skirts paired up with tops that could be worn interchangeably with each other. A number of fresh undergarments and hijabs.  Complete with some sets of brooches and pins. Even my makeup case is limited to store my one choice of foundation, a tube of mascara, a lipstick and blush.

For the record, I am not going on a vacation. More like Im still staying at my inlaws place until we get to move into our own home sometime in the future. Perhaps in the next 10 years few months. Ine year tops.

Inevitably, this is the ‘trap’ that Ive been trying to avoid. Minimal, if one is not careful may lead to self neglect. I worry that I would soon lose interest in even putting on a foundation before going to work or out with Mr Husband. I worry that Id get too comfortable having only a few key pieces of clothing that I forget how to dress up for Mr Husband.I worry that I’d be plain Jane instead of bright, happy Minci my husband once knew.

Again, for the record.. my inlaws have nothing against us  staying with them. In fact, I think they love the idea of having a lot of people in the house plus the presence of ouur baby. Its just that with so little space (shared space) it seemed troublesome to accummulate assets without having a proper place to store them.

Hence nowadays, theres a lot of window shopping on my side cause everytime I feel like purchasing a blouse or anything, Id try to reason with myself by saying,

“And where do you think you’re going to put that? You think you got space? “

and back to the hanger the blouse goes..

But the thing I miss most are my books. I’ve also been refraining myself from going into MPH or Popular to get books. Even TheNewstand for a magazine. But its okay, this time shall pass and once we have our own crib, again.. I want a library!!! He he he.


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