A Minci note to Mimie


“A friend is like a good bra. Hard to find, supportive, comfortable, lifts you up, makes you look better and always close to your heart”


I live fully by the words of the Holy Quran.
I live partially by the words of Oprah.


And Oprah advised all the women out there to have 5 type of  friends:

1. The Uplifter
2. The Travel Buddy
3. The Truth Teller
4. The Girl Who Just Wants To Have Fun
5. The Unlikely Friend

And today is the birthday of my one friend who happens to be all 5 of the above. She was one of my first best buddies when I studied in the UK. Boy, a very unlikely friend indeed. I was completely out of her league but she took me as a friend anyway.

We still keep in touch and although we havent seen each other for quite some time due to different working environments, Im pretty sure that when we do meet again, we’ll be able to just pick up where we left and start being silly again.


Happy Birthday Mimie.



3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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