ED tales

Nurse Haleh Adams:

“I’ve been doin’ this job for 17 years, honey. Doctors come and go, but nurses make this place run. We don’t get much credit or pay. We see a lot of misery, a lot of dyin’, but we come back every day. I’ve given up bein’ appreciated, but I sure as hell won’t let any of us be taken for granted”


The Emergency Department (ED) here is not as glamorous as what most of us would see in the US TV series, ER. Especially when you’re living in an area where the people just love going to ED for the simplest complaint. Such as a straightforward dry skin or cough and get free medication. At the same time, trying their luck for an MC. Photobucket Hello.. WHERE IS THE URGENCY IN THIS?? Nama pun unit kecemasan.. nangga muka pun sekda riak cemas.

ARgHHH.. Kepak eh kerja mcm tok ujung minggu. Macam blh expect jak sidak tok dtg ED semata2 mok MC. Pemalas na jak urang Msia tok paduhal when it comes to work. Honestly, why cant they take pride in doing their work [read: menjalankan amanah]. For I remember during my years studying in the UK, the enthusiasm shines through eventhough you’re working as a cashier in Tesco. Or when you’re picking up the trash in the neighbourhood. My goodness. How could the ‘spirit’ not resonate here as well? Is salary a factor? Well… it could be. But really, if you hate your job so much….QUIT.

That was one of the advice I gave to 2 of my patients.

Having to deal with malingering patients is one thing, having to fulfil the ‘order ubat’ from them is another.

Can you give me panadol?

Can you add on some vitamins?

Can you give me ubat batuk, selsema and panadol untuk simpan jadi stok kat rumah?


One other thing that irks me is that some patients come in with all the ‘serious ailments’ from every part of the body. When we suggested tests and possible admissions … they would refuse because they only want the BLOODY MC!! Photobucket tolonglah.. go to the private clinic.

Rant. Rant. Rant. Ngerepak. ngerepak.ngerepak. At the end of the day, terpaksa juak insaf.

Dr. Luka Kovac:

Our job is to save lives not to judge them.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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