World of Thermos

“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.” – Henry David Thoreau

A colleague of mine will be leaving the grounds of Jasin soon to further her studies for a specialty in Family Medicine. And like any farewell, a gift is a must! I was designated by the group to get her a gift. If it was for me, I am contented with anything cute or a book.  Her close friend started listing the things she might like..

Bodyshop things.. Arianni…

At the same time, I was brainstorming for something more everlasting.

First, I thought of an external hard disc. However, with a budget of less than MYR100.. I doubt could find a hard drive of such value in the current market.

Then, I browsed through the camera shop and my attention got hooked onto one of those digital frames. Hmmm.. Would she like it? How can she use it for further benefit? And of course, price was an issue.

Another phone call came through during the window shopping session from her bestfriend. Again.

Get her a thermos! Those pretty ones like Starbucks! She likes having coffee while seeing her patients..

So a thermos it is. I went to the best place (the only place) I know that has a selection of thermos.. Parkson. And boy it was a lovely an interesting world. They come in so many colours and design. I was even itching to get one. And I of course got to see those Gourmet range which was super awesome and classy.

Thermos: Threadless Tshirt range

I finally settled with a set of thermos flask and food container in green. There was no discount and it cost us about MYR88.80. But it was super cute!!

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