Stand a little taller

“Blame someone else and get on with your life”
Alan Woods

A colleague was miserable at work today. He had all the best intentions and effort to help a particular patient the other day, only to receive a phonecall today from the patients daughter in a very undermining tone, “Im calling you to inform you that my mother had a brain bleed. I hope you’d be able to provide an answer to that. As to how you missed it”. The accusation to me was harsh. This daughter had all the means (financially) for first class medical care. Instead, she made her mother came to our little hospital with no CTB facility and dare point out that it was my colleagues fault. Total.

Well. As doctors.. this is one of the risk or cons of the job. People remember you for your mistakes, not the many other million good things you’ve done for the patient.

The phonecall caused my colleague to be in great distress as he tried to remember WHO the patient was and WHAT the presenting complaint was. Patients are not androids. They dont give straightforward and precise medical history.

Some came with fever and stomache pain, only to be diagnosed as having a heart attack.

Those with poor appetite ended up having a malignancy.

What seemed to be a simple nausea and vomiting episode ended up with one having a bleed in the brain.

On top of having to find the significance in their long winding history, we also have bear and grin the pain of having to face patients who are not bothered at all to remember the medications they eat. Worse still, having about 15 items on the prescription list for a supply of 2 months, only to default their medication. Then, default their followup which is precious time for other patients who would appreciate such appointments.

Irresponsible patients dont get hacked. Ini tidak adil!

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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