Cases that make you say ‘huh?’

“Life it too short to deal with crazy people.”  

    Karen E. Quinones Miller

The longer I stayed in the Emergency Department (ED), the more I find myself thinking of how important it is for everybody to

  1. Have common sense
  2. Grasp some form of medical & health knowledge in order to understand on which circumstances do they have to come to hospital for help. One does not need to know in depth as to how a medical doctor should, just enough to recognise the red flags to a certain condition.
  3. Not misuse the ED for medical check up services and medicine top up just because you couldnt be bothered to wait in line and the polyclinic and yet refuse to throw a dime for a private consult. Boleh blah…

Having being oncall from 8AM to 8AM in an ED setting (despite being in a district hospital) is super tiring and when you’re presented with ridiculous cases, it just gets on your nerves. I had my fair share of cases too.

  1. Case 1 : Young man slept on his hand. Woke up. Hand felt numb. Went straight to ED. By the time he was seen, the numbness (obviously) disappeared. When asked why he had to come to ED for a straightforward problem (yalah.. ko tido atas tgn dirikpun.. mestilah ada kebas mula2.. kakya ko releklah dolok nak nunggunya ilang) he couldnt answer why. Pfft.
  2. Case 2 : Mother came to ED bringing her 7 year old sick child for every new complaint. Fever with cough came – fine, its ok, appropriate. Fever + cough + runny nose = came again. Fever + cough + runny nose + itchy  nose = came again. Fever + cough + runny nose + itchy nose + vomit purge after swallowing tablet meds x 1 episode = came again. I suggested admission, mother refuse. Just wanted an IVD for her child. LIke hellloooooo.. why would you subject your child to being pricked again and again for drip. Pffft.
  3. Case 3 : Itchy neck wanting Medical Certificate. Working as a clerk.
  4. Case 4 : Lose prescription script. Came to ED hoping for us to remember the meds she had as a patient in the hospital 2 months ago. I dont even take care of the wards. This is not a computerised hospital. And it doesnt help that the patient first dont know why they’re on treatment and secondly giving descriptions of ‘pil putih bulat2’. Pffft.
  5. Case 5 : Patient who complaint of so much pain and ailments but when we suggest for blood investigation and possible admission if it really is that bad.. refuses any form of intervention. All he/she wants is yup.. an MC.

Hmph. kepak nyawa. ntah apa jak kes esok di ED.

2 thoughts on “Cases that make you say ‘huh?’

  1. After all that, they claim doctors are rude..pfftt..
    When I was in Kapit, I had a man came in the middle of the night (what it always at 3am in the morning? why the magic number 3?) claimed he had pain in the ears for the past 3 days and only came today because? Not many patient so can see doctor easily.


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