Money Talk

Money has been a vital point in our lives for the past few months.

I would say my whole life savings went up in a puff after I purchased my first home! Hurrah for the bitch who earns her own money.

Spent thousands on house downpayment.

Spent hundreds on furnishing and repair.

Spent ringgits on the little details.

I have toned down on the other luxuries of life. for instance, visits to the hair salon, the spa, fast food outlets, a cuppa at Coffebeans, a meal at Klang Railway station coffeehouse et cetera. I have also minimised chances of getting a speeding ticket on the road. Or a compound for parking without a coupon.  ( i still managed to get a fine this week though. damn)

Its an investment to my home sweet home.

What bliss.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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