The Transfer

“Go where the wind takes you.

Have fun”

Its goes without saying, that a Doctors Wife would inevitably have to endure the fact that long distance relationship or the accepted term nowadays, the Weekend Wife/Husband is going to happen one day. While Mr Husband may not have the option to choose where he’s be posted, the least we could do is to make sure the absence makes the heart go fonder. In one way or the other.

His concern was Baby Zeeq might forget who his father is.

My concern was I would get too comfortable not having him around till I end up … neglecting him.


He didnt ask for this transfer and yet he got it. His colleagues who have been applying for a transfer to a similar state however, did not receive any offer. Last we heard, the polyclinics were saturated with these Medical Officers, hence the sudden ‘clean-up’ to sort the mess up. Thus, the random selection of names. Rubbing salt to the injury, we have just bought our first little home.

Honestly, I did not build this family to be separated. At least not with my husband. I am happy to allow my children to go boarding school. But when a husband gets so called ‘deported’, its a different feeling. Especially when the transfer is uncalled for.

He is currently making an appeal to stay put.

Our fingers are crossed for the best outcome. Ameen.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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