Pseudo consultant – planning the party

I  do everything on my phone as a lot of people do.
Mark  Zuckerberg

Yahhh.. despite giving a heads up to colleagues and staff regarding my current 14 days annual leave. I am still receiving calls from the hospital regarding patients and rosters. At times I feel like throwing the phone to Istanbul and hope Beto will send it back. Ngah ngah ngah. Shhhh..

On a lighter note, I am happy to have spent some quality time with Baby Zeeq who will be 1 years old this Saturday. Already, his mother, especially is super excited as I plan to organize this little party of 5 with him. yalah.. what to do? Mr Husband is not here with me as he is working very hard to accumulate his moolahs and assets.

Im not good with themes but I suppose no one could ever go wrong with chocolate cake.

My best friend Pinterest listed many good options I could try. The list starts from this ..

Source : www.

to this ..

This will be a long yet interesting night as I scour through the world wide web searching for a simple cake recipe for this dummy. Bring on the party!!

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