Starting 2022 with the past

It was a mini celebration for the kid’s birthdays. To be honest, I still feel lemau and not up to socializing but for the fam – I will fight No Mood and get on with it. As a Youtube amateur, I managed to create more than 1 video for 2021. I was aiming for 10 but it was harder than what I perceived. The motivation needs to be there on top of great organization skills.

Afterwards, I need to get a pen and paper to sort my thoughts. The brain cells are a bit chaotic up there. I decluttered the blog’s followers the other day. I discovered that most of them seemed like bot accounts, a few were inactive and some appeared dodgy. So, I am back to nil followers today and see if the content I put in writing here is worth new subscribers in the upcoming months.

March Babies

I love celebrating birthdays even if its just with a cupcake and us in pyjamas. Of course the grand ones are just as lovely. Recently my nephew and niece turned 2 and they were born just a few days apart.



He is my younger sister’s 2nd son. We had a closed family celebration but the food my sister prepared was like for more than a dozen people. The cake was from Berry’s and its decorations were upgraded with a Superwings Sugar paste photo. Laksa Johor was the main dish and the variety of finger food was delicious – Hotdog rolls, crabmeat sushi, mini colourful burgers, cheesy wedges and crinkle cut fries AND marshmallow in a cup to name a few. My sister really has the best ideas when it comes to parties and events. No wonder she makes a good teacher.


Surrounded by the abundance of food, consumed also by gluttony – memang sah naik berat badan 2 KG.

Ee bought a plane present for Akif and his older brother, Adil got Thomas. We bought it from the ToyShop at the 3rd floor of Aeon Melaka. Every purchase is eligible for free wrapping and batteries if needed.



The following weekend pulak my niece turned also, TWO. There were lamb briyani and nasi ayam. My MIL made her favourite drinks – air mata kucing and lychee. As for cakes, there was a choice of 2 – a sponge cake with a toy on it and a blueberry cheesecake.


This time I got Amira a mini briefcase toy of the Supermarket series. I hope she likes it.

Until next year March babies. Now I can’t wait for November.


Pseudo consultant – planning the party

I  do everything on my phone as a lot of people do.
Mark  Zuckerberg

Yahhh.. despite giving a heads up to colleagues and staff regarding my current 14 days annual leave. I am still receiving calls from the hospital regarding patients and rosters. At times I feel like throwing the phone to Istanbul and hope Beto will send it back. Ngah ngah ngah. Shhhh..

On a lighter note, I am happy to have spent some quality time with Baby Zeeq who will be 1 years old this Saturday. Already, his mother, especially is super excited as I plan to organize this little party of 5 with him. yalah.. what to do? Mr Husband is not here with me as he is working very hard to accumulate his moolahs and assets.

Im not good with themes but I suppose no one could ever go wrong with chocolate cake.

My best friend Pinterest listed many good options I could try. The list starts from this ..

Source : www.

to this ..

This will be a long yet interesting night as I scour through the world wide web searching for a simple cake recipe for this dummy. Bring on the party!!