Getting all frenzy on the farm

This game was installed to our units computer by one of the staff and us, Medical Officers have been using it as a ‘getaway’ from the stresses that arises within the unit. Much to my addiction, I have decided to install the game into my computer and this is where Im at , at the moment.

I have also learnt a few things from this game;

  1. When you have money  – you dont have the buy/upgrade everything. Just choose what you intend to purchase well. Weigh the risk and benefits. Despite the wisdom of not to overspend, sometimes you do have to fork out all the cash just so you could generate more income, faster!
  2. When you dont have money – you have to work from scratch. Start by rearing chickens and move upwards. And eventhough the ultimate goal is to say, buy a cow.. you have to make the chickens work hard for you.
  3. Its possible to meet the deadline.a.k.a the time limit. Only if you manage to prioritise your investments strategically.
  4. You may not get the idea of things the first time round. Unlike Life, there’s always a Restart button for this game.
  5. To progress, you must be willing to splurge some cash. Kaching!!

I have also been trying out the Zombie & Plants game. Likewise, a strategy sort of game. Now, if only I could get my hands of a free copy. That would be fun. Then we’ll see which one is more fun.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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