Being Oncall. Part of the responsibility really.. like it or not. Yet hygiene and beauty is a must. My oncall bag – part 1

“To the world you may be one person, but to  one person you may be the world”

– Dr Seuss

Honest be told. Doctors are not paid a lot to be oncall. But we still do it as its part of the job description. On a good call, you’d have fun colleagues to work with, interesting cases to heal, time to eat, pray and rest and no patients die. On a bad call, you get the opposite of the above.

We’re not paid much but we are expected to work like robots for the whole night and again expected to function the day after till at best 12 pm, at worst 5 pm or longer. But we still love it, cause we love medicine and our patients. For now. Hehe.

Hence, with the expectation that I always get busy nights, translating into minimal amount of rest,I normally don’t bring an extra change of clothes for the night since I know I wouldn’t have time for an evening shower anyway. Instead, just bring a fresh pair of clothes for the next working day where I’m expected to have a morning bath prior to resuming my duties for the new day.

So I bring the minimum essentials for my call.

oncall bag

Technically that’s my overnight bag where I stuff other little pouches inside for the night. My mini red carry bag has my pens, notebooks, Oxford Handbook and supplements.


  1. IN2IT 2 way foundation in soft beige OCF 01
  2. LOREAL UV PERFECT BB MAX : I have been an avid user for a year now.
  3. SASATINNIE mascara I purchased from SASA. Would have been pricey but I got it off a discount. It is a Super Dolly Powerful Mascara which does ‘bukak the mata‘ a bit.
  4. VASELINE in Cherry. I mean which girl doesn’t use it right.
  5. SILKYGIRL in Nectar Blush 01
  6. BVLGARI 25ML EDT. Don’t remember the name of the scent. It was a birthday present from Mr Husband and mini enough to be put in the pouch. It makes me smell like a man sometimes.
  7. ELIANTO NO3: not my most favourite option after pulling an all nighter.
  8. MISSHA LIP TINT. This is my favourite lip item so far. I bought it during my previous holiday to Korea. It is a Korean product. I bought it because I wanted to copy the lip trend of making our lips look like we’ve just sucked on a popsicle. And for most times I tried it, it worked well with this lip tint.
  9. SIMPLY SITI lips and gloss. used to be my favourite item before the lip tint came around.
  10. GUARDIAN facial wipes. To re-energise the look.
  11. Makeup pouch to put it all in. Got it free after a generous purchase of souvenirs at a gift shop in Korea owned by an Indonesian couple.

It seens that I get my makeup items mostly of the drugstore brand. Things I can easily grab when I make my trip to Guardian or Watson. It definitely costs less than Shiseido or MAC but with these simple measures I still manage to make myself look in mint condition. Even with no sleep the previous night.

Next part : Toiletries Bag.




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