Being Oncall. Part of the responsibility really.. like it or not. Yet hygiene and beauty is a must. My oncall bag – part 2

.. Now its time to have a sneak peek into my toiletries bag for oncall.


















  1. SKII Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel – this is part of my most expensive hygiene products I have on my vanity. The SKII product. I also have the Pitera Miracle Water Essence. But its not something that I would bring to work.
  2. Sleeping eye cover – just in case I have to leave the room lights on after a dose of horror stories of ghost that haunts the hospital.
  3. INTIMATE pantyliners. I have been getting them in boxes lately as I find them very comfortable to wear. No need to wear double.
  4. Face mask from SASA. On a good postcall day, if my colleagues allow me an hour rest.. I’d do a mini facial early morning before I meet the public again for another round of work.
  5. Face cottons and cotton buds
  6. Mini toothpaste
  7. Toothbrush
  8. The red pouch to hold it all in
  9. REXONA deodorant to freshen up
  10. Contact lense multipurpose solution and case
  11. Mini shower gel and hair shampoo – although I rarely shampoo during oncall.
  12. CLINELLE Eye Bright – helps to reduce eye bags, dark circles and fine lines
  13. CLINELLE purifying toner – a satisfying substitute for SKII Treatment Essence
  14. ELLGY Corns & Warts treatment solution  – key is persistence they say


Yup, enough hygiene for a medical doctor to wade through her day.



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