Kitty Kitty Itinerary


“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” –

G.K. Chesterton

We went to Johore for our anniversary. A rough itinerary of what we did with Baby Zeeq.

Screenshot 2014-01-13 20.54.16

Some thoughts;


Not bad for a 3 star hotel although Ive seen better. The lobby was comfortable but the room we got had a smell. Like tabacco. We were offered a different room earlier, one with twin beds but hello.. Baby Zeeq is still co-sleeping with us hence we need the room with the King Size bed. It was otherwise clean and doesnt have a dingy stench to it which makes Solat comfortable on the carpet.

There were confusions on how many nights were booked for that room despite already having a proper and early booking through Agoda.Com. I mean, what is so difficult? Dont you guys communicate with each other?

On one particular morning, we didnt even have breakfast coupons and eventhough the receptionist said to just mention our room number, it didnt feel right to swallow down the food and we noticed the staff at the restaurant flipping through their papers looking for our room number. We felt illegal to be there to be exact. We were not thrown out or anything. We just felt we did something wrong.

Location otherwise is superb. theres a nearby Tesco and giant Hypermarket. Also the famous Sate Wak Radol a few minutes away.

JB DEC-001

All in all, the stay wasnt a total disaster. However, I wouldn’t choose the same hotel if  I were to make a trip to Johor again in the future.


I wished I was warned earlier that no outside food was allowed within the area. I risked a packet of my crisps being confiscated at the entrance gate though the guy manning it was kind enough to let me keep the other packet. God bless him. Thank god I didnt bring a whole crate of drinks or prepare a picnic basket to Legoland.

20131230_114617 (1)-00120131230_123151 (1)-001

We spent approximately 2 hours inside. We didnt get on all the rides partly because Baby Zeeq was either to small for the rides or him just being cranky. We did enjoy the 4D movie to which we went in twice –  one show after the other.

Perhaps we will reconsider coming again when Baby Zeeq is bigger and understands the concept of theme parks.


1486901_10202619605761698_345948951_n-001 1522163_10202619602121607_1805274634_n-001

Amazingly Baby Zeeq was in a good mood to participate in all the activities. We got on the teacup ride, painted cookies, made jewellery et cetera. We even managed to rescue Kitty from the Dark Towers and got a certificate.


Hightlights of this place : the Barney show which features Barney with a medley of sing-a-long songs. Our favourite was the Raindrops song. Perhaps the Thomas section was more interesting as they had lots of ride suitable for children under the age of 2.

20131231_112738 (1)-001

Still, we made Baby Zeeq wore a tutu!

The trip was ok. All the tickets were booked in advance through the internet. Total money spent for tickets and rooms were MYR707.00

Hoping for more wonderful trips to come.





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