Art of War?

“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

It is inevitable to have a lover’s fight in marriage. Sometimes over something big, the rest over petty issues – like farting under the covers.


When I was in medical school, I came across this particular great couple. They are now happily married and blessed with a son. During that time, they have known each other for nearly 8 years. Yup, their love story started in secondary school.

What inspired me from their relationship  is how they fight. The art of their quarrel is so beautiful if I may say that to the unknowing, wouldn’t have known that World War 2 was on the brink of becoming World War 3. Such was the stealth of the matter that I felt compelled to do likewise in my marriage.

Despite the burning rage within them, they’d still hold each others hand while walking. The girl would still bring her guy drinks and the guy would still open the door for her. The give-away would probably be in their conversation as it would be limited to only the present moment. Sort of like,



And once the anger has cooled down, soon enough everything is back to normal and reasons of being angry towards each other in the first place can be discussed in a much pleasant mood.

Gandhi sure has a point.




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