Happy labour day to us who gets to retire only when we reach 60 years old ..


Today’s public holiday is meant for rest. While  some doctors have to dread being oncall on a mean wage of MYR220/day,  others like myself are priviledged to have a day off. Thus, more time to spend with family or in my case, sort the overdue laundry and periodical cleaning.

Baby Zeeq made a scene during breakfast (thank god at home) – he was so upset that the slice of cheese broke in half and insisted we make it whole again. Like.. oh em gee… even the best surgeon on planet couldn’t suture the pieces back!! Just what is wrong with eating half of the cheese one at a time. See? Children are naturally OCDs..

He then again threw a fit as he started having a runny nose because of his crying. Like,what? I had him wiped his nose on the wall. Nah, kidding. I had him shower to which he happily obliged.

Beauty of motherhood. And he is only going to be 3 this year. And by the time I retire from this workforce, he will be 33. Now that’s a long long way to go.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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