Murtabak Maggi Kari

” Champions are born at breakfast “

I had these for brunch in the Operating Theatre pantry yesterday. It was prepared by one of my nurses from home. Idecided to serve the same thing for breakfast for Mr Husband today. This simple dish is called Murtabak Maggi.

murtabak megi


2 packets of Maggi mee Curry

3 eggs

half of big onion

a hotdog cut into little pieces or any protein of your desire


How to make them: 

  1. Fry the onion and hotdog with a bit of oil
  2. Meanwhile, simmer the Maggi in hot water. Then take it out. Do not put in the Curry powder.
  3. Mix the fried onions and hotdog with egg and the noodles in one bowl.
  4. Shape them into size of batters of your choice and fry them till they get crunchy.




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