Staycation at Anugerah Homestay

Let’s see, my latest blog update was on the 18th of July. Since then, I have not been blogging much here and on NotaMinci. My mind was occupied by a few things. Mainly, my course assignments, my father in laws stroke, my aunts demise due to Covid-19 (she is one of my favourite aunts), the Basic Life Support course ( I couldn’t really say no, but the timing was honestly shit), buy farewell gift for a superior that I have no idea what kind of person he is (busy sgt ke sampai tak boleh beli sendiri? like hello… aku tak pernah kerja dgn dia.. canne nak personalize gift?) and the prep for The Moss Clan staycation during Eid -Adha.

I am currently breathing a bit. In fact, I am taking leave for 3 days to get my mind sorted out. The exam period for my Psychology degree starts in 11 days.

For The Moss Clan stay cation, I chose a property from Anugerah Homestay Melaka. It was a 5 room villa with a swimming pool. The weekend/public holiday rate was RM890/night. It is located at Durian Tunggal but not far from the highway toll. This stay cation was meant to celebrate Eid and my mom’s 61st birthday.

I chose the place because;

  • it has a swimming pool that the kids would love together with a BBQ pit
  • all bedrooms are air-conditioned
  • they have basic amenities like the fridge, cooking area, cooking and eating utensils. They also provided big garbage bags which were useful to throw our rubbish
  • ample parking space but limited to a max of 4 vehicles. You can park 2 inside the porch and another 2 outside without bothering the neighbours parking space
  • washing machine is provided but we didn’t use them
  • they have sejadah and kiblat direction. alhamdulilah
  • grocery stores nearby. and restaurants. You can even do your evening exercise and walk over to them. Dekat sangat.
  • basic Astro is available. bolehlah tgk 7 Hari Mencintaimu

The downside;

  • it is in a residential area. you have curious neighbours. Although the owner have resurrected a wall near the pool, you still need to be mindful of the neighbours. You do not want to upset them. Children especially, like to peer through the gates and watch you swim in the pool.
  • NO WIFI, NO COWAY, NO AIR CON in the living room but it’s a minor flaw because I could easily access my DIGI from here, we can open the big windows and doors for circulation and part air tu.. we prepared before hand by buying bottles of mineral water to put in the fridge. We can always boil hot water with the kettle they provided. Nama pun homestay, kalau nak sgt2 selesa.. duduk rumah sendirilah kan..
  • Limited towels, so bring your own. Shower gels and dish washing liquid are provided.

To make our stay extra comfortable, I brought;

  • A night lamp. All bedrooms do not have a bedside lamp. So it’s either you sleep in a really pitch black room or open the door a bit.
  • Extra blankets. The tug of war of blankets resume in homestay. So bawak je la.
  • Extension plugs
  • Shampoo

My sister, Aunty L was in charge of our menu. My brothers were in charge of snacks. My parents role is to eat, sleep and enjoy themselves.

Husband cooking breakfast on the last day of our Staycation

Krabi 2016 The Itinerary

Part 1


This is our 2nd time returning to Krabi for a family holiday and Thai hospitality is still at its very best. Mr Husband kept saying Krabi is his 2nd home.It used to be Langkawi – begitu cepat sepah dibuang.

We took advantage of the Air Asia FREE tickets promo and booked our hotel rooms through the AirAsiaGo.Com website. We settled on a 4D3N itinerary for 2 Adults and 1 child (hotel + return flight) at a price of RM 692.22 including tax.

This is our brief itinerary and estimated costs. We skipped on certain island tours as we have done them before.


Other miscellaneous expenses include massage therapy, souvenirs etc. I personally did not go to any massage parlour because I was already exhausted at the end of the day. Mr Husband tried the coconut oil massage with a male masseuse (of course) and loved it. It was only THB 200 per session for 1 hour.


My mini checklist for Krabi 2016

Mr Husband exchanged RM 1000.oo for THB 8300.00 to fund our package trips there. I was to cover our dinner expenses and on anything personal I liked. Which amounted to less than RM 250 on my part 😛 I had to remind myself to get things for myself as well because I always seems to want to get stuff for other people first.

Anyway, my next blog posts will elaborate more on the hotel and the safari tours. I hope somebody will find it useful. He he..

Revisiting Langkawi 2015 : The itinerary

This is not the best itinerary around. But I hope to offer a different perspective to anybody’s visit to Langkawi be it for the first time or god knows the 20th time throughout your entire life.


The last time we went here as a family was less than 4 years ago, so we did skip the island-hopping trips and most of the tourist-y stuff this year. Instead, we took a more relaxing approach to our trip and enjoyed more of the gastronomic experience in Langkawi.

As usual, with AirAsia “everyone can fly” and we booked our tickets through the website 6 weeks prior to the trip on AirAsiaGo.Com. The total payment for our return tickets (4 adults, 2 kids) from KLIA2 to Langkawi including the hotel stay at Tok Senik Resort for 4D3N amounts up to RM 1519.08.

I will be sharing in my next posts about our experiences at the resort and of course our very little activities in Langkawi. Here is a brief outline of the trip.


Like any other trips via KLIA2, we would park our car at Putrajaya Sentral first before then taking the KLIA TRANSIT train to the airport. Putrajaya Sentral offers good overnight parking rates for a maximum of 14 days. This is not only a convenient way to start our travels but also comfortable. However if you intend to hog along a lot of luggage with you, especially after shopping at your holiday destination- using this mode of transportation is not advisable.


Hope this kickstarts things. Next I’ll tell you about the Tok Senik resort.

Dinner at Sukiya in August. Today.

August will be a crucial month for my family as we make preparations for a new phase in our life. This will be the first time during our time being married, to be apart for a duration of more than 3 days (at least) as Mr Husband will be pursuing his studies in a different state and I will be the sole parent of EE on most weekdays with the aide of my in-laws. Alhamdulilah, for wonderful in- laws.

We try not to be anxious. To be honest –  I think this new adventure would be quite interesting as I am planning my very own ‘5S di rumah bersama Ee’ project whilst Mr Husband is away. I enjoy the idea of giving Mr Husband surprises regarding our cosy little home everytime he comes over for the weekend or holidays be it an inspiring one or just weird.

We try to spend time quality time together despite our busy and hectic schedule both work-related and social obligations. Even if it means just lying down in the same room and falling asleep while Big Hero 6 is on TV. Yes, that is still quality time as our feet tickles each other softly in a very tired manner. Ha ha.

Earlier tonight, we did the extraordinary. We had dinner outside on a weekday night and dined-in instead of the usual tapau. There were not much of a crowd at Aeon today and Ee was at his best behaviour. We had our respective gyudon meals at the Sukiya japanese restaurant – certified as HALAL (feels the urge to inform this before somebody decides to run amok yelling sake!!!)

The beef gyudon with cheese is tasty. So is the teriyaki chicken meal set. I have yet to try Japanese curry and am honestly intrigued to know how it taste like. Watching the japanese people eat their version of curry on TV looks so delicious. Well, maybe next visit. Too much calories in one day.

Recently Updated11

Ambience was nice. Price was deemed reasonable after a very fulfilling meal. Apparently, they also have promotions on lunch sets daily. Do check it out. Dinner was simple and we managed to gulp it down in less than an hour in between our conversations regarding work and gossips – hence free parking!

We reached home soon enough and my boys were already in Slumberland once their head touches the pillow. zzzZzzz

Spell of Saigon

The trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in December 2014 was to commemorate our 4th year marriage anniversary. It was impromptu. I did not think that Mr Husband would be serious to book the trip in less than 3 weeks but he did. Anything is possible with AirAsiaGo.Com. This time we didn’t manage to score a freebie but it was still a relatively cheap trip.

Ho chi minh trip dec141

Ho Chi Minh is a sea of people. A small world stuck in 10 years ago maybe more. I was drawn to its spell of simplicity. Its spell of trade. It interest me to see these people going through the same routine daily which probably have been going on since the times of their grandparents.They take pride in the history of the Vietnam War and claims most citizens would eat anything that moves including rats especially when they are in season hence the ‘Mouse BBQ’.

For this mini holiday, we stayed at Duna Hotel.

We booked day trips to the Mekong river and Co Chi tunnel through a tour agency. They were very kind to accommodate our special diet restrictions as Muslim tourist which is acknowledged as ‘tak boleh makan babi’. Ha ha.  We shopped for clothes and fabric at the Ben Thanh market and enjoyed simple Vietnamese meals at the Malaysian street. Most of the time it was a free and easy schedule. No rush, no lush.

Here are the pictures ;

A day trip to the Mekong river. Took the 'sampan', watched the coconut candy making sessions, drank fresh honey in tea sprinkled with what looked like pollen. On the way to the river, stopped at a beautiful temple.

A day trip to the Mekong river. Took the ‘sampan’, watched the coconut candy making sessions, drank fresh honey in tea sprinkled with what looked like pollen. On the way to the river, stopped at a beautiful temple.

Co Chi tunnel : Many displays of human torture machines. And guerilla tactics and weapons.

Co Chi tunnel : Many displays of human torture machines. And guerilla tactics and weapons.

Pho noodles, fried rice with soy sauce, tapioca, honey tea drink.. to name a few.

Pho noodles, fried rice with soy sauce, tapioca, honey tea drink.. to name a few.

Ho Chi Minh – a small city with an interesting story. I would go there again more prepared next time. How was your experience?