Have a bite. Eat at BurgerByte

“When in doubt, ingest carbs.” 
― Rachel Cohn,

What if I tell you that I was deeply disappointed with my virgin experience at Burgerbyte?

Sadly true.

BurgerByte had all the best mojo for success – a good recipe, a celebrity endorsement, franchises at dense, youthful areas (meaning at places where people eat burger), friendly owners, good chefs, wonderful restaurant ambiance and such. But somehow it failed for one major reason at the branch I went to. I’ll tell you why.


I went to BurgerBytes located at Bandar Saujana Putra. I was so excited to taste this famous eatery that I have repeatedly reminded my sister to go there early and book a table – to which she said, no need as there wouldn’t be as many patrons there as those in Damansara or Bangi.

We were a party of 8 (6 adults and 2 toddlers). This is minus Mom who had to attend her social engagements with her ‘women club’.

My younger sister took our orders and proceeded to place it at the counter. And this was when our unpleasant experience began. The young girl at the cashier was … to politely put it, slow and blur. She knows Coke and Ice lemon Tea.. but she somehow has never heard of the 100 plus drink. My sister, a teacher by the way, was at a boiling point mengadap her ‘innocence’ but managed to refrain herself from giving her one of her ‘teacher’s look’ or slamming her hand on the table muttering ‘astarghfirullah’.

The cashier managed to understood the order when my sister finally pointed out the picture to her. We would empathise if she was an OKU but she was not – she was a bimbo.

But the problem did not stop there.


When our orders came, instead of the famous NakËd Burger which we wanted in beef, it came as only a NakËd Beef Patty. The waiter apologized for what seems a wrong order but knowing it wasn’t the chef’s fault and we were terribly hungry, we gave in. We took the meal and tried to enjoy it. Obviously, we didn’t like it that much as we were expecting something else.

I wasn’t keen on taking pictures. I just couldn’t. My first time with BurgerByte was ruined. But hey, its like Auntie Anne pretzels. The ones at Sunway Pyramid tasted better than the ones at Aeon Jusco. I like to believe that the same thing applies to BurgerByte  although its quite sad to think ‘where is quality control in this?’

Hence, driven by that optimism we decided to give it a try at Burgerbytes Malacca, located at MITC.


It was not disappointing although my sister was frustrated that we did not try the ‘proper NakËd Burger’. We ordered other stuff on the menu including the JUMBO size carrot juice! Well well.. next time then – for NakËd Burger!

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