I woke up with a plan ..

I woke up with a plan knowing that today would be horrendous. We are still short of people at work. 

I envisioned that my little Hazeeq would wake up without a fuss. That he would gulp down his bottle of milk before 630am and voluntarily strip off his pyjamas for his morning bath. After wearing his day clothes that he chose for himself – he would then get into the car with his chosen toys for the day so we could arrive at grandma’s house by at least 650AM – this will give me time to say HI to the mother in law – make some small talk before rushing to work at 7AM.

I then hoped that traffic would be fine – that the traffic lights would be all green shortening the pit stops I have to make before arriving at my supposed destination.

So far so good.. 

Then plan continued with me going up to wards to check if the patients have been transferred over from the tertiary hospital for their operation here this morning. I feel blessed for both of my patients were in and adequately fasted.This means I can have a quick breakfast at the cafeteria before the surgeons come to the operating theatre (OT). Quick is 7 minutes eating time of nasi lemak and a bottle of mineral water. Otherwise, I’d just wait to have my proper meal during lunch or if the emergency unit is awaiting the arrival of this emotionally labile princess than I’d skip lunch and bear the hunger till dinner.

I did skip lunch and delayed my Zuhr prayers – felt guilty afterwards and prayed to ALLAH that he wouldn’t give me a difficult resus case in the midst of this busy-ness. My cases in the OT finished a bit late and I was so worried that my colleague would be left alone to manage the emergency unit. He turned out fine and cheerful.  

The plan also included a short trip to the Record Office to collect my pending medical reports. And also to hand in my leave application form to the administrative office.

Both chores did not happen. 

I planned to leave sharp at 4PM so I could fetch my son promptly and we both head to Giant Hypermarket and do some meaningless grocery shopping. And also fuel up the car since the bar is already at 1.

That also did not happen. I ended up having dinner at my MIL’s house and arguing with my boy of who must get into the shower first. I had to be first. I need a change of plans tomorrow. A better one. 

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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