Sometimes you just need to shed that tear. To feel alive. To live in the moment. 

My hormones went haywire. I had a mix of emotions gushing in – I wasn’t able to tell whether I was sad, angry or plain miserable. And it decided to come at a time when the environment demands composure, rationality and a fit state of mind. There was no room to be emotionally driven for the decisions you make could cost a life.


In women, regardless if she’s an astronaut or a prime minister – these confusing feelings are often translated into tears. You just need to cry to understand and go through the process. But not now, not yet. Hold it in girl, hold it in woman! Don’t let the floodgates open no matter how many people ask, “are you OK” or if someone pours you a nice cup of iced bandung soda.

Now 18 hours after … only one thing crosses my mind

“motif emo tetiba?’

.. and the world feels so much better again.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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