A november birthday

This was the best us sisters could do for our youngest brother – who is often forgotten, who had to kind of wisen up as compared to his age because his beautiful sisters are away once they got married. No one to actually ‘marah’ him or guide him in flesh as to what he should or should not do. The parents somehow had stopped parenting for some time for God knows what reason. Perhaps no stamina. Or internal conflict. bla bla bla.


He is now studying part time for his degree. At the same time keeping a part time job. We decided to celebrate it early since I am living in another state and his birthday is just a few days away. It would be hard to find a time to cut a cake together. I am sure a proper celebration would ensue when the parents dah berdamai are free. And remembers. My sister and I told him that the cake was from his nephews – so he feels special although his two nephews would love the cake more than they would his uncle. Ha ha.

My hope for him is to succeed and find his self-worth. That he prays 5 times a day and stay away from drugs or ‘vape’. That he wouldn’t knock up a girl and get her pregnant or something. For that is when Hell would break loose. I would personally sebat him in the pÉ-nis if he ever does that to any young lady despite the girl being stupid in the first place as well.

Happy Bday young man. 

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