Generous, Giving, Kindness


I don’t know how the figures came up but it is interesting somehow to note from the country at the top of the list that,

The people who have so little are often the ones who give more

As illustrated by an abundance of short clips available on Youtube where it’s the homeless that offers food to another hungry person . Or a less well off foreign worker are the ones that gives money to people begging in their own country.

The art of Giving is inherent. While it can be polished through good parenting and in schools, Giving does not require you to be a millionaire to fund an education or a celebrity to endorse Charity/Kindness. Giving is enough in itself when you are able to understand how devastating it is to be in need. One does not have to be piss poor to grasp the idea of not having anything to live by. Just like how one do not have to be in labour to understand the pain of giving birth to a baby – surely anybody could figure that out.

Of course it helps a lot when you are Somebody in a Society for Common People likes to emulate Somebody. And being a Somebody could rope in more ‘Body’ to generate funds for an orphanage or wildlife centre for instance, or huddle manpower to build a house in a kampung.

Yet if you are just One-body, it should not stop you from spreading Kindness to the next Body beside you. Any small act of Giving and Kindness matters to even that One person.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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