Picking up a hobby

We pick up hobbies to fill a void. I am not an Art -streamed student to start with. I can’t even tell my left from my right in a split second. Often I make my referrals sound silly on paper as I could not properly describe the patient’s fracture is on his left or right.

Although I have the inability to draw a proper cat – I still find that I love collecting things for my so called scrapbooking and journalling. We will be celebrating 2016 in less than 8 weeks and I am psyched. Despite not using the more contemporary options of planners from Erin Condren or Filofax – I still adore them all the same. I am perhaps more keen in transforming the boring, less classy, bulky KKM journal into an eye candy. Gotta love makeovers.


Now that Mr Husband is occupied with his studies – I am free to sepah2 kan the living room with my craft stuff, print miscellaneous items, laminate nonsense quotes and so on.

Recently I bought some stickers online and macam biasalah.. it gets cheaper if you buy it in bulk. Gosh I wish in Malacca they have a pretty stationary store with a cafe in it. Like.. heaven! Or let’s just open one? Investors? ha ha.. something along the lines of Stickerrific? Then we can be planner buddies… ngeeee..

I used to read as hobby – fiction stuff like magic, thrillers and occasionally chick-lit stories. Perhaps I shall reinforce on that especially as of yesterday I have just stumbled upon the FUNKO POP figurines. It would look good on my bookshelf you know. Whylah USD still mahal.. I have to now wait till it gets relatively cheaper to get one online. The exchange rate of RM to USD is simply horrendous right now.

Many years ago I was into Postcrossing – where you send postcards to random people around the world. That hobby did not last long as I was too lazy to walk to the post office and mail it. But I did manage to send and receive 4 postcards from Evora, Groningen, Friesland & Berlin respectively. I just had them laminated. :p

Anyway, my sister and I have found a common interest to pursue next month. Let’s hope the preparation is going well so I could spill the beans soon.

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