I am #teamironman

Meet the unlikely new member of #TeamIronMan – taking Black Widows place… A petite superhero which emerged from the sea. No, she is not a mermaid who grew legs. She was a seaweed turned human – Minci. Urgh.. so unpopular. Sgt tak glamer..  kah kah kah.

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My feed has a lot of #TeamCaptain going on. I thought I’d be one of them but I find myself drawn to Stark’s fight and motivation compared to Rogers.

I see Ironman – a human being blessed with a genius brain struggling to make his relationship work with Pepper to be in balance with his toxic self. Juggling his inner demon of just wanting to be reckless and ‘don’t care’ to being a more concerned person. I like how he now starts to think about other people than himself. I admire how he has to make difficult decisions which can be unpopular with the major crowd and his friends. Above all – his willingness to brush aside his ego at the moment when he learnt that he was wrong as he accused Bucky for the explosions in Nigeria.

In short, he was ready to fight for the better good and a better future deemed fit and relevant to the current situation. He analysed the situation, thought it through … probably scribbling a SWOT analysis in his head and made a calculated decision. Who ever said Ironman doesn’t know the meaning of long lasting friendship? For he too – cares for Rhodes just as much as Captain to Bucky.

Without his suit – Ironman may be hopeless as opposed to Captain who still has his superhuman strength. But he still has that asset called a brain which could build back what it was for him before-  even better.

YES, Captain would be a wonderful best friend to have because of his loyalty and ability to seal away horrible secrets but in this war – I still choose Ironman.

I also love one thing Vision said to the team as they were deciding on whether to sign the accord or otherwise,

Our very strength incites challenge

It somehow reminds me of my Jonah-ness when I’m oncall. And I like to think that the bad cases are coming through my door because I can handle it. To a certain extent.

Now back to my superpower – I am still thinking what wonderful power I could have and benefit the team. My son wants to be HULK.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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