Happy Parcels from Kakjet & OwnDesignBook

Imagine dragging yourself to work because you didn’t get enough rest over the weekend and suddenly.. TADA... 2 parcels were there on your work table ready to be unwrapped and explored.

My first parcel came from a good friend – Kakjet. Previously as part of my ‘parcel kasih sayang project’, I have been sending her and 3 other ladies the occasional goodies parcel just so you know –  make them happy. The contents range from books, shawls, food or silly stuff like pencil cases, pens etc.. I wasn’t expecting anything in return because I’ve been doing it for years now, hence it does come as a surprise to receive a cute little parcel from her. With a note from her son and daughter!


Full of skincare products .. and a shawl. Perhaps she is a fan of the Melaleuca product – I am keen to try that soap which is packaged like a chocolate bar and the lip balm (it smells so nice)


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And haruslah tak sabar nak try shawl purple yang baru.. muekekeke

My second parcel was from an Instagram Seller : OwnDesignBook


I’ve heard good reviews about her service through friends who ordered their personalized notebooks from her. The only catch is you have to wait as most of her items are pre-ordered. To be honest, I don’t mind.

Some positive reviews online;

Planner 2016 by Sofie Adie

Birthday present – Nabila Medan

Custom Made Book – Syira Lokman

I ordered the Stickers Package Set at RM65 including postage. I placed my order through Watsapp which she replied promptly. After making the necessary payments online, I sent her ‘proof of payment’ to her email and basically wait. And tawakal. 

The items arrived within the next two weeks and she was very kind to inform me when she delivered the package together with the tracking number.

Now I have enough stickers to last me for at least a year!!!

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