When you want something, ALL THE UNIVERSE conspires in helping you to achieve it – The alchemist

Allah is Great. And He works his magic in the most mysterious ways. If you are meant to be at a place on a given time with a particular who – then it will happen. You may have to make extra calls, work extra hours, sit through a traffic congestion or witness an innocent death but if He says Kun Fa Ya Kun .. your Takdir will still take its course. when it happens – you get to choose and see it unfold as a blessing or otherwise. In my case, I uttered Alhamdulilah.. 

My high school alumni organized a mini event today – a short 3 hour talk on preparing the dead. Senang cerita menguruskan jenazah. The invitations were sent out since early of the month and considering I was not oncall today , I signed up for it.

However, nearing this date – I was informed (wrongly) that the nasyid competition for my son was going to be held on the same day. It wasn’t a difficult decision in choosing which event gets my vote as the landslide win naturally goes to my son. I was however still bothered with the fact that I could not attend the course as it meant so much to me. It was my path to perform a Fardhu Kifayah. To my little community at the hospital where I worked.

Although the hospital itself does not provide the services of menguruskan jenazah – it breaks my heart sometimes when family members, in the midst of their grief, has trouble to find an ilm person who knows how to perform this ritual. Especially for women. As it was very difficult apparently to find a ‘bilal perempuan’, I am hoping to become that person who can ease part of the family’s suffering and help the deceased to move on. Or so I hoped.

Yesterday I was already contemplating strongly to cross my name off the list of attendees when suddenly I was informed by my sister in law whose daughter was also in the nasyid group mentioned that the correct date of competition was actually next week. I couldn’t help uttering an Alhamdulilah. For prior to that I have promised myself an InsyaAllah to attend the course. And we all know that InsyAllah is 99% effort on our part and 1% with Allah’s blessing. 

And today when I attended the course, I was again reminded of Allah’s Power in arranging our Takdir. And that He will want what is best for His servants. My 9600 batch president narrated how initially we had Ustazah A as our speaker for the day when she, Miss President secretly wanted another Ustazah B to conduct the course as she was more ‘relevant’ in a personal way to the objective of this activity. The president of course did not push for a change as both ustazah were equally qualified to talk on the subject but lo and behold with Allah’s kudrat, Ustazah A for some medical reason was not able to attend the course on short notice – hence Ustazah B – the one that she’s always wanted was able to replace the slot without a hassle. It’s like everything is dipermudahkan. For a reason, a good one for all those participating in that course that day.

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This also attracted me to an idea put through by a backpacker when it comes to putting your ultimate belief and trust in Allah’s plans. Although it emphasizes more on the adab of travels as a muslim – I think we could practice the same idea into our everyday lives.

Berdoalah selalu agar Allah tak letakkan kita dalam keadaan terdesak perlu memilih dosa. Selalu percaya dia akan beri jalan keluar asalkan kau bertegas menjaga adab mengembara. Kalau kau bertegas nak jaga solat dan jaga pergaulan, Allah akan jaga kita. Allah akan jaga kita sepanjang perjalanan, dia akan hantarkan orang-orang yang memudahkan urusan kita. Kau bimbang tak cukup wang, dia akan cukupkan. Dengan syarat, kau percaya dan bersungguh nak lakukan. Lillahi Taala. Itulah iman.

Kalau dah berlaku, taubatlah. Jangan kau bangga-bangga dengannya. Simpan ia sebagai rahsia. Tutup rapat-rapat..

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