Friends come and go but true friends leave footprints in your heart

I am in the phase of life where I don’t have a lot of special friends anymore.I’m still grateful for what is left though. F.R.I.E.N.D.S bring on a different meaning every time. And we substitute them with so many different words depending on what they mean to us. That ‘friend’ can be just an associate, a kenalan, org sama keje kat tempat aku, a Uni friend,a dorm-mate,  a work colleague etc..

And from that handful, there will be a few that you really want to keep and grab hold on longer for their friendship. The catch is, would they think the same way of you. Would they reciprocate and want to hold on to you too? Do they love and care for you just as much as you of them?

I am still finding my answers today. I still wonder if … if I call them my BFFs – do they even think that I’m a BFF. Or a friend, someone you’d call in times of despair. Or when you wish to share some happiness.

Today, we had a farewell dinner for 2 wonderful ladies in our unit. If I am King Arthur, I’d offer them a spot on my round table. They are that great doing big big things in the future.


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