Advanced directive – no public photos

Nowadays, its a world where a photo means everything. It would be damn impressive if I could describe a rash using its very elaborate and exclusive terminologies to the dermatologists. But a picture is easier to Whatsapp for a specialist consult.

Taking a selfie with a cannula taped to the hand means that you’re sick. A selfie of you shivering under a blanket with a cup of cocoa in your hands means you’re cold. A PDA with your beloved ones means that you genuinely care for each other. I have nothing against selfies – I love taking one myself but sometimes it just gets too much.

For instance, I observed an alarming trend of young people in a family taking photos of say, a dead grandmother after resuscitation – ‘as proof’ that this nenek is dead and wants to share it with the other family members in their so called Watsapp group. I was appalled. Apa ni? Kau bersungguh2 nak suruh aku pelihara kehormatan and tidak sakiti arwah and yet you open their keaiban for other people to see. I had to put my foot down and say “NO pictures”

But then I couldn’t help thinking about my own end.

Will it be honorable? As in having a husnul khatimah.. or otherwise?

I thus pray that Allah will take me when He is most REDHA with me – during the moment when He is most pleased with me .. 


In the mean time – I will work like I’m living forever and at the same time performing my ibadats like I’m going to die tomorrow. Should one day , Allah decides my ajal is up –  I hope my following wishes would be honored. My advanced directives are as below at this time of writing;

Should I be involved in an accident or any form of resuscitation situation – please note that I do not need the whole hospital to come down and LLB (look like busy). Just let the key people do their job while the rest (who loves me as a person) pray hajat for me so that I’d get to utter the syahadah at least, with my last breath. Get hold of my family. Tell them whats going on. Stay outside the resus area – just let the team in charge do their job. Just because you are not in the room, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care. I would know that. Express your concern through prayers and effective communication with my family members.

Unless I have untreatable cancer – please intubate me, stabilise me accordingly and alert the organ donation team once you see my condition going downhill. My husband is aware of my intentions – please let him know of my last wishes for I’d like to bring a new meaning to life to at least one person before I finally pass. On the other hand, if I have Stage 4 cancer – let me go peacefully.

Finally, please do not take pictures of me being sedated, intubated or just plain ill. I understand the power of VIRAL through social media – so you could ask more people to pray for me. But please don’t snap that photo. Use words instead. Kind words to describe me to other concerned people if you must. An honest prayer should be between you and Allah – not a du’a status or INNALILAH in capslock. Yes, it makes you feel better but I’d rather hear and receive your du’a after solat.



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