The test of evil whispers

“if you wish hard enough, your dream might just come true”

I have been struggling to complete a task lately. I have been asking for help but being ‘lumpy’ and ‘blur’ sometimes – it’s a bit of challenge trying to understand a new knowledge. So it’s a matter of re-reading stuff, discussing points with other people and loads of googling. I was on the verge of virtually dissipating into thin air plus the fact that I had another major thing going on does not help.

Anyway I was tested today. By God. yeh….. 

If I succumb to the evil whispers, I will end my shift way early – reach home earlier and cook up a storm in the kitchen for dinner.

If I remain honest, I’d probably reach home late and eat bread for dinner and well.. I still chose the latter.

Remarkably, a solution appeared in front of my very eyes. The answer to my question! In the form of another trusted colleague showing me how and what things need to be done. That was better than my hours of mindless, disorientated reading and I am forever grateful. Alhamdulilah. 

Did I still reach home late? Yes. It was I guess part of the deal. So no cooking for dinner  (I dah penat) and my son today learnt how to eat sushi for the first time. He loved it!

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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