We still have like another 11 days to the new year and already I’m making plans (holiday plans) for 2017. Tell me its normal. Procrastination will still be my numero uno enemy but hey.. is it not everybody’s main nemesis.

I bet renewing old resolutions is every ones priority this coming week.

I have yet to read my 12 books a year. Hopefully it’s more attainable with my HoboMinci on board. On top of that, considering that I’m getting more senior in terms of service at work – that inevitably means I have to get my hands dirty on making things happen and setting the trend. Improving the way of doing things. Fulfilling KPIs and providing answers as to why things aren’t going the way they are. Management people. And I’m still struggling with my time management.

My favourite girls will still be in my thoughts. And pressie lists. Gosh.. I just really love them. I can’t really explain the amount of joy they give me. Regardless the many miles away. And of course the excitement in making new friends and relationships. We keep getting new colleagues nowadays – its nice to hear about the different world and practices they come from. And the non-medical things they enjoy doing. It brings that spark in your life too you know.

*hugging 2016 tight* it has been a good year. I miss every year.

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