Doing the babycall

Babycall. It’s like being oncall – only this time the focus is more towards the baby instead of patients. It’s still just as taxing as well as exhausting but fulfilling none the less.

Babycall demands stamina, strategy and proper preparation. It is still a trial and error process but I have been doing some reading online and Youtube-ing to gather the experience of mothers everywhere on how to make my nights manageable.


  1. WORK IN A TEAM – this is a no brainer. Get the husband onboard. No matter how small the contribution for its the small things that works magic sometimes. Some people do a tag team sorta thing. Others have partners do the graveyard shift. To each their own. In my case, Mr Husband usually takes over after 4 AM or earlier if he doesn’t  have classes in KL the next day. Hence, I get at least 2.5 hours rest before its time to perform the Fajr prayers. Looks like the training during oncall kinda help where it’s always a blessing to have my Medical Assistants to attend Green Zone cases at these hours especially when my brain has gone woozy after being up for hours. Then I try to catch some sleep during the daytime to keep myself sane. Most of the time I can’t because my brain just refuse to shut down.
  2. MENTAL PREP : LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS – even though it is predicted that your baby will wake up for feeding every 2 hours, it will be no guarantee that the baby will go back to sleep again after that hours feed. So you might be staring at this wide-eyed creature for the next 120 mins or so before its time to feed again. Or change the diapers again. Or the baby just wants to play or cuddle in your arms. For me it helps to not expect that I’d be able to get my sleep in between feeds but once I do – I say ketuk2 ramadhan- alhamdulilah.
  3. BABY PREP – ensure that everything you need is within reach. Diapers, extra blankets, rocking chair which ties to the next point
  4. MAKE MUMMY COMFORTABLE – Although the kitchen is not that far away – I always have a jug of water and biscuits/keropok ready at the bedside table. In case I have to kendong my lil princess in my arm for hours in the sitting position. There’s no way I could have a shut eye like that – so I’d switch on HBO and just have movie time and what not. Of course Instagram scrolling is another option but sometimes my neck hurts from all those looking down at the screen thing.
  5. PRAY : SEEK FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION – Allah listens to our prayers in moments of despair. I remembered when Ninie was at Day 5 of life and we were both just discharged from hospital about 2 days before. She was having a difficult time to sleep at home and the effect rippled on to myself. So by the time night falls on the following night – I was still exhausted from lack of rest but remained motivated to feed Ninie on a strict 2 hourly basis as she had neonatal jaundice (below photolevel). I made a dua that night to Allah to help ease our nights and grant me the strength to pull an all nighter. Amazingly, after Ninie’s feed at 1am – she slept through until about 5am for her next feed. I felt grateful for that brief period of rest but anxious at the same time because of her jaundice. Alhamdulilah  her bilirubin levels did not escalate any further and she did not require phototherapy at the hospital.

The Divine Intervention did not stop there. Miracles keep on happening as long as you ask for them and believe in them.

So yeah.. i’m still searching around blogs for tips and what not to handle the baby. Currently I’m hooked on the subject of ‘relactation’ because my breastmilk supply is on the low side. I have been experiencing very tired and sore moments which led to less latching sessions and you guess it right – formula supplements. I’m glad that there are a few Youtube mothers who are experiencing these problems for real and sharing practical advices. I like how one mother was saying she literally ‘pumped air’ for a few days which made me feel better about myself.

Well.. lets leave the breastfeeding part in another blog post shall we?

I am also in awe of some of these mothers who have such colourful activities in their ‘A day in the life with a newborn’ videos. Mine would have been really boring. it takes me like a few hours to actually being able to put on my bra and top whilst I try to calm a fussy Ninie or prepare a short meal for Ee. And you’d probably see me sat on the couch most of the time anyway forcing my bosom into Ninies mouth. Huhu.

I do learn that each child is different. I don’t remember Ee being this challenging before but come to think of it – by the time he was 2 months we were already staying with my in laws – so its probably my MIL  who had to endure the crankiness which she described as ‘sawan menangis’.

Thats about it for now. Need to finish my draft on the confinement set of Spa & Ma.


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