Coway. Our story

When the home water dispenser trend first came out, notably from Cuckoo and Coway – Mr Husband was very quick to sway from the crowd. Very typical of a person who choose to just disagree dulu, and then consider. Ha ha ha ha. I could still remember his words vividly,

” buying bottled mineral water is cheaper”(then he would make his calculation and lay it out)

Well sayang, of course it is cheaper if you decide to drink only 1 litre a day per person. *roll eyes* Perhaps it did not cross his mind that the one boiling water and refilling the bottles in the fridge was mostly me. Later I got tired of boiling water many times a day, and that was when I decided to buy bottled mineral water. It soon became a choice of more boiling sessions or drink less. or buy that RM1 mineral water at the clinic. 

The problem with  buying was that it was extremely exhausting lugging big big bottles and boxes of em with my little frame. Cause I do my shopping alone, you see. But I kept going. Of course, he did his part as well but I guess he soon realized that it was just too much effort to keep replenishing our stock.

Furthermore, we are both on a weight loss journey. So a lot of water drinking is involved.

Perhaps Mr Husband got inspired with the presence of that machine at my sisters house. It does not use that much electricity and maintenance service is included. Perhaps it is the hot weather which made us crave for more icy drinks.

The Neo Coway is finally installed in our home today. We went on board with this promotion and now it is here! I think everyone completed their recommended water intake today.






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2 thoughts on “Coway. Our story

  1. I am doing the calculation too considering the one who do the shopping and refilling into fridge for chill water and ice cube is him, so i think i would stay with the mineral bottle just for now.

    If the consumption hike up because of the new addition to family members or he stop doing what he’s doing then i will recalculate and reconsider hehe


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