Thank you Samsung Smart Switch

Mr Husband bought me a Samsung A32 for our anniversary gift last week. I was using an A7 before that which is still in good condition although it has suffered quite a few concussions over the years. The battery, storage and general functions are still at its peak despite using it for the last 3 years. It was quite hard to switch to a new phone because of the memories it hold inside. Took a lot of photos and kept a lot of important documents on the phone.

Anyway, as Paulo Coelho puts it

if you’re brave enough to say goodbye,

life will reward you with a new hello

– The Pilgrimage

I unboxed the gift and lo behold, it was in purple. Borahae.

Then I opened the Samsung Smart Switch app and connect both phones over Wifi and Bluetooth.

This app allows you to transfer every single app with sign-in details, photos and media from my A7 to A32 swiftly. In fact, the arrangements of my app on the home screen of my A32 is a clone of my A7. It looked exactly like my old phone’s interface, so much so that it feels like home. Only with more storage and better camera quality.

Every. Single. Detail.

As for my old photos, I organized them in my Seabyte External Hard Disk starting from 2008 till 2021. Well, I tried my best but I still have a lot of documents to organize. J-Hope would be proud!