Gumash chestnut hair colour – a review

One of the most powerful aspects of marketing a hair colouring product to Malaysians is if you have this statement.

This note is enough to convince me that I could use the product and still perform my ibadat without the concern of halal and haram

Contrary to the regular henna I have used to touch up my grey Storm x-Men hair, I find Gumash has a nice scent to it. It doesn’t smell herbal. The instructions that came in the box were easy to follow although the task to massage it in my Rapunzel hair seemed forever. After that, I have to wait for 30-45 mins for the colour to set before I wash it off.

The kit

When I first mixed the solution, it was a nice chestnut colour but with time (maybe there’s some sort of oxidation) involved, it became a burgundy colour. So, I wasn’t really sure what the outcome of the whole process will be. After about a 45 mins wait, I rinsed the colour off and applied the hair repairing mask to give it a nice shine. I can’t really show you the hair but the outcome came out to be slight Copper-ish. Like those copper stuff you find in the wires at home. On 2nd thought, it may be chestnut after all – the kind of appearance you get before roasting them to eat. It kind of makes more sense as the colour is accentuated on my grey hair.

I bought Gulash at Shopee. It’s like USA’s Amazon for Malaysians. The price is RM47.40 and it comes in various colours. I think for my next hair colouring experience, I’d like to try Dark Brown.