Big purchases in September

I keep telling myself that I should jot down a date somewhere when I’d have the tendency to go on a shopping mania. Flicking through my planner and My purchases on Shopee, I realized that there is no biological trend yet. But I do realize that the spending tends to happen on days I feel gloomy. And that shopping spree seems to fill in some void.

The patterns of my spending also come in a range of choices. Last month was more about ‘house care’. The month before I went crazy on beauty products. The months before that the theme was my children, books, stationeries, food gifts etc.

The house-related stuff I bought included;

  • printed rolls of ‘wallpaper’ for the kitchen. I wanted to give the cabinets a makeover. I wanted something brighter for my countertop. I bought a total of 12m and used it all. The workmanship was not as precise as a pro but I was content with the outcome. It took me like 4 to 5 hours to stick that damn thing. My feet hurt.
  • wireless Philips vacuum cleaner that came with a free red rice cooker. I loved that this vacuum cleaner had this LED light at the end. You kind of get obsessed to clean the tiniest speck of dust. I am still using my Roborock for maintenance cleaning of the living room.
  • a massage chair. I traded in my old Ogawa Smart Ace chair for Rm4K and bought a new chair. Had a little trouble getting it in through the door but it was a blessing as we needed to change the locks of the sliding door anyway.
Above : BEFORE, Below : AFTER

I have a few other mini-house projects coming soon. I want to prepare the house for the transition of my children becoming young teenagers soon. That means personal private spaces for the kids and getting rid of baby and toddler stuff. Basically trying to create an environment that is teenage-friendly for them. It would also mean me preparing myself as a parent when they get to that stage.

Some of my planned projects include;

  • Outdoor landscaping – I did enquire about a company regarding that a few months ago but they told me that they are not doing that anymore. Might consider hiring a weekly gardener to sort out the garden for me. The gazebo is also already in shambles due to the monkeys and it is worn out by the weather
  • A new coat of paint for the rooms and outdoor walls
  • the porch needs organizing again. We’ve had cats giving birth to her litter quite a few times at the bottom shelf
  • Storage organization – need to sell off the less popular soft toys with consent from the kids
  • Revamp my study room. Need a soothing colour and re-organize the space

That should keep me busy until the end of next year.

There is always something to repair, service or maintenance as a house owner.


Trying Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun

As the blog’s mini headline suggested, I am easily influenced to BUY something, EAT something, or TRY something. My favourite sunscreen, from the brand A’pieu in Natural, was finishing and I wanted to get the Biore one, but since Instagram is flooded with reviews on this Korean sunscreen, I decided to try it.

After all, one of the best rules of sunscreen is to just use whatever sunscreen you like so that you could be consistent in using it daily and incorporate it as part of your individual skincare regime.

I bought myself the Beauty of Joseon Sun Relief cream from Shopee. Priced at RM 45.90. I bought other things too as part of my beauty haul. Which I may or may not write about it in my blog. I am intrigued with the Daughters of Malaya product though, cause it’s local and looks superb. I hope the formula wows me. So, maybe I will share my thoughts on that. later.

These are my recent hauls.

The haul
  • DAUGHTERS OF MALAYA, Summertime Ceramide Liquid Moisturizer, RM35
  • IM UNNY Moisture Face Cleansing Foam, RM25.80
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, Red ginseng, RM1
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, Cucumber, RM1
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, White, RM1
  • SOMEBYMI Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream, RM45

Why is the Beauty of Joseon relief sun product famous?

Well, it could be one helluva effective social media campaign using the right influencers to reach the target market. OR it could be a really good product. Especially when the brand says it has extra UV filters in it which in a way makes you doubt the efficacy of other sunscreens. As of now, my personal holy grail is the A’pieu sunscreen for its light, no white cast finish and a distinct ‘ I am wearing sunscreen for a youthful appearance’ scent to keep me motivated to use it. So, I am intrigued to see if Beauty of Joseon is on par with it.

Is this Beauty of Joseon sunscreen equally good? Did I love it?

I have sawo matang skin, to begin with. Honey skin? is that what people in the beauty industry call it? Meaning I’m not as fair as Irene Red Velvet or Dahyun TWICE but more like Hwasa Mamamoo. When beauty influencers said that it doesn’t leave a white cast, I am like – ‘oh? is this brightening effect not considered white cast? Cause I do look a fairer tone after application. Perhaps I need to understand better what white cast means. Thankfully, I wear a hijab – so people wouldn’t really see the difference in the colour of my neck and my face. Unless I am at home but then, nobody is watching. Ha ha. Even then, this mild white cast is somehow absorbed and you’ve left with this invisible (read: transparent) barrier that is supposed to protect your skin.

This product does not have a scent. Which makes me miss A’pieu a lot. Cause A’pieu kind of reassures you that yup, this is a good habit, applying sunscreen. But I do agree that this sun relief cream gives you that radiant, healthy glow instantly. It can even function as a primer. As that base in your makeup or when you choose to go barefaced. I think that is the plus point for me. Not wearing makeup but the face remains flawless. If you have good skin texture to start with.

In short, I love it but my holy grail is still A’pieu Natural sunscreen.

Tumblers as birthday gifts

I initially bought this tumbler for myself because I wanted to drink more water at home. Water that remains cool for a very long time. This is of course no ordinary tumbler because it is one of those subtle BTs merchandise that ahem, represents Suga. It was a collaboration between BTS x Built NY. I bought it from Shopee Malaysia for RM164.50 including postage. It took about 2 weeks to arrive as it was shipped directly from South Korea.

I loved this product and have been using it daily for my cold drinks. I sip my drinks using the blue straw I purchased from Zus Coffee.

My husband saw the tumbler. I don’t think he knows it’s a BTS thing but he seemed to be interested in it. And so I bought him a tumbler too but from the Stanley x Starbucks collection for his birthday this year. It was in navy blue with a straw. It is made from stainless steel making it a good choice to hold both his hot and cold beverages during the long hours at work in the office and on the field. Seems that he loved it loads and have been ‘showing it off’ on his table and all. Didn’t know it would mean so much, to gift a tumbler to a grown man.

Gumash chestnut hair colour – a review

One of the most powerful aspects of marketing a hair colouring product to Malaysians is if you have this statement.

This note is enough to convince me that I could use the product and still perform my ibadat without the concern of halal and haram

Contrary to the regular henna I have used to touch up my grey Storm x-Men hair, I find Gumash has a nice scent to it. It doesn’t smell herbal. The instructions that came in the box were easy to follow although the task to massage it in my Rapunzel hair seemed forever. After that, I have to wait for 30-45 mins for the colour to set before I wash it off.

The kit

When I first mixed the solution, it was a nice chestnut colour but with time (maybe there’s some sort of oxidation) involved, it became a burgundy colour. So, I wasn’t really sure what the outcome of the whole process will be. After about a 45 mins wait, I rinsed the colour off and applied the hair repairing mask to give it a nice shine. I can’t really show you the hair but the outcome came out to be slight Copper-ish. Like those copper stuff you find in the wires at home. On 2nd thought, it may be chestnut after all – the kind of appearance you get before roasting them to eat. It kind of makes more sense as the colour is accentuated on my grey hair.

I bought Gulash at Shopee. It’s like USA’s Amazon for Malaysians. The price is RM47.40 and it comes in various colours. I think for my next hair colouring experience, I’d like to try Dark Brown.

VLOG update on Chinese New Year

Malaysians love the festive season. Cause we have the holidays.. how did you spend yours? 🤗 did some edits on the clips I captured using my new Samsung A32. I need at least 1000 subscribers before I could even try monetizing my content. Consoling myself that Ali himself made 77 videos before he could actually make money from his content. He didn’t even compromise on quality. I don’t want to jump onto the tactic of just churning out videos for the sake of just making them cause it doesn’t really reflect on what I’d like to show on my channel.


This year both of my Chinese neighbours were very generous in gifting me oranges. Like the whole box! I was grateful and touched by their gestures. One of them was a former colleague at my workplace. He got me cake and coffee for my birthday last year. I had no idea he knew the date. I didn’t even put my birth date on Facebook.

My solar lanterns are not shining brightly this year. Very disappointed. Must be the panels.

I will be taking leave next week for a day to kind of keep up with my OUM assignments. Rasa macam makin banyak benda nak kena baca.