A bora farewell

Farewells are inevitable. Personal goals may collide with organizational missions, conflicts occur and one has to prioritize what is important for all. This month 2 of my colleagues are leaving. One due to family commitment and the other due to contract issues. I was deeply saddened by the latter because it was a difficult choice to make. I know I wouldn’t have the courage to resign from MOH. I’d be totally lost on what to do.

Not that I haven’t been thinking of resigning. It is still in my alternative goals in 10 years’ time. In fact, I have cut it down to 9 years now – I just have to make it work. As long as I am not taking on new financial burdens and keeping my expenditures at an acceptable amount, I would be OK to resign at the expected date.

The initial reason being I thought there will come a time when I may need to serve my elderly parents, and tend to their needs while bringing up my own kids. With mom passing, leaving only my dad the pressure is less on that part since he is kind of dating someone (secretly) right now. So that future stepmother better rises to the occasion when the time comes. Jgn nak kikis harta je tau. Dah kenapa tiket bas pun my father has to buy for you.

In a way, the intention to resign now is maybe so that later I could help my mother in law to care for not only my father in law (or herself) if she falls ill but also my ‘fruit children’ on both sides if the situation calls for it. It’s like if Nora needs a babysitter for Aurora, I could help her. Or if Kona needs someone to shuttle her kids somewhere, I could do that too. If my brother needs to go somewhere, then I will go with them. Macam tu lah..

but to do that, I need a solid financial standing first. And I’d like to have that MAsters (at least) in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Ada rezeki, we pursue a PHD.

My role in this farewell party is very menial. I just compiled the video clips and make them into one. I need to improve the audio though. When I play it without the headphones, it doesn’t sound good on a normal speaker. Why ahhhh..

I was ecstatic when the theme was purple. Bora is a colour so close to ARMY. And BTS of course. They are the Grammy’s this weekend followed by a concert the days after in Vegas. As much as I want to buy the online streaming ticket (ada ke? ) I decided not to, in respect of Ramadhan. Let’s liven up the days and nights with ibadat instead. Plus I have an exam on the 12th and 13th.

Then, I can go crazy. lol.